111: Restructuring care around human needs with Rachel Spencer Hewitt, founder of PAAL

Rachel Spencer Hewitt is the founder of Parent Artist Advocacy League for Performing Arts + Media or PAAL for short. As the founder of PAAL, Rachel is focused on elevating the national standard of care for caregivers in the performing arts and media.

I’ve had the opportunity to interview several of the chief PAAL reps from across the country and people consistently describe Rachel as a ‘caring powerhouse advocate,’ and I wholeheartedly agree.

In this conversation, you’ll hear Rachel touch on the immediate supports and future-thinking solutions to support caregivers in the arts. If you have the resources, please contribute to the PAAL Emergency Fund and to artist funds at the local and national levels. 

Please also see the recent issue of American Theatre magazine, which includes a series of articles under the heading Care for the Caregivers that was undertaken with the support and insight of the Parent Artist Advocacy League.

The feature article in this series, written by Rachel is titled: Work/Life Balance Is Everyone’s Urgent Business Now. She writes, “As we face the COVID crisis, our field has a chance to restructure itself around human needs. Caregivers can lead the way.”

ASBX Interviews with PAAL reps:

  • Parent Artist Advocacy League Emergency Fund apply
  • Parent Artist Advocacy League Emergency Fund donate

This interview was recorded virtually on March 23, 2020. We do discuss the COVID-19 pandemic.

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