110: Questions, structure, & digging deep. Diving into creative process with playwright, June Guralnick

For four decades, June Guralnick has created plays, performance projects, and multi-media installations, as well as directing new works, classic plays, and developing community cultural programs. June’s work has been beamed to the Space Station as well as performed at many earth venues across the country in NY, CA, DC, NC. Please read her very robust bio at her website juneguralnick.com

It was my great pleasure to converse with June as she described her playwriting process,  the development of the Piedmont Laureate program, and the importance of creative work. If you enjoy this conversation as half as much as I did, it will make your day. Grab a writing implement and get your notepad ready — here are some tips, tricks, inspiration, and wisdom from June Guralnick.

This interview was recorded virtually on March 23, 2020. We do discuss the COVID-19 pandemic.

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