Artist Soapbox

Original audio fiction + a podcast about creative process + collaborative partnerships

ASBX - MB Laughter

What We Do:

  • Produce original scripted audio fiction and an interview podcast about the creative process
  • Cultivate aspiring audio dramatists and producers
  • Partner with organizations and individuals to create new audio content

Stories that Speak

ASBX is a podcast production studio based in North Carolina.

Listen to 2 mins of audio fiction clips from Artist Soapbox. A variety of voices, genres, and styles all brought to you by North Carolina talent.

Practical Tools for Creative Process

If you are seeking tips, tricks, inspiration and solidarity...

Listen to 150+ podcast interviews with artists, writers, makers and creatives. Read our blog posts on self-care, finding inspiration and 'doing the work.'

Vibrant Immersive Audio Fiction

If you are seeking stories that activate your imagination...

We produce an exciting variety of scripted audio pieces including anthologies, serials, limited series, and shorts. You'll find comedic, dramatic, romantic, and surreal stories that transport you through sound.

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Collaborative Partnerships

If you are seeking your own creative projects...

  • Partner with us to produce your podcast or scripted audio project
  • Join our lab for aspiring audio dramatists
  • Take a workshop
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Podcasts are:

  • Accessible to folks who can't attend in-person events easily
  • Portable (for driving, exercising, cleaning your house)
  • Free to the public
  • A tool for teaching practical skills, as well as opportunities for inspiration and escape
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