What is Artist Soapbox?

Artist Soapbox is a platform for Triangle-area artists to discuss their creative work with their own voices. Durham-based theatre-maker, Tamara Kissane, chats with artists about their work, their plans, and their manifestos.

Tamara and her team also creates scripted audio fiction: The MASTER BUILDER AUDIO DRAMA was released in July 2019. THE NEW COLOSSUS AUDIO DRAMA was released in April 2020. The DECLARATION OF LOVE ANTHOLOGY was released in October 2020. Additional projects are in development.

Artist Soapbox is an anti-racist organization. We believe Black Lives Matter. In addition, as an audio production company, ASBX has signed the Equality in Audio Pact on Broccoli Content.

Recent Press:

Artist Soapbox is about empowerment & connection.

Artist Soapbox was founded on the belief that if we (humans/artists) talk with each other, and if we LISTEN to each other, then we’ll make better art. We’ll form a stronger community. We’ll feel more empowered and less alone.

Artist Soapbox goes deep into the creative process.

On Artist Soapbox, artists in the Triangle are invited to put words around their creative journeys including their vision, challenges, triumphs, beliefs, hopes, dreams, pet peeves, resources, tips, stories, process, plans, failures, finances, learnings, wisdom, vulnerability, collaborations, next steps, needs, non-negotiables, hustle, mantras, bodies, accountability, identity,  lifelines, supports, striving, gratitude, traps, humor, motivation, and inspiration.

Artist Soapbox explores all artistic mediums.

We believe we can learn from all artists. Artist Soapbox is open to the full spectrum of art-makers and has interviewed creatives in theatre, dance, visual, literary, craft, administration, film making, photography, music, design and more.

Artist Soapbox focuses on local artists.

Artists create in the Triangle-area of North Carolina for many reasons. We’re proud to live here. We feel that we can make a contribution. We love this place and its people, so we share our work with neighbors in our home-place. Get to know us. Let’s get to know each other. #startlocal

Artist Soapbox is more than just a podcast.

We lead Creative Accountability Groups and Functional Feedback Workshops. We create audio dramas too! Listen to the audio version of Tamara’s Master Builder, The New Colossus Audio Drama, and stay tuned to hear about more projects written by the Soapbox Audio Collective Writers’ Group.