036: Capturing memories with filmmaker Janice Smith, owner and founder of Big Dog Little Bed

#femalefilmmaker #NCentrepreneur  The value of capturing moments on film, building a creative business, embracing one’s point of view, and much more. As owner and founder of Big Dog Little Bed, Janice Smith “creates natural and meaningful videos to tell the stories that matter most for your business, your wedding, and family milestones and events.” Janice is a storyteller, dog lover, and agent of change with a passion for helping other female small biz owners share the incredible work they do.

A friend’s quote about Janice: “She is such an amazing storyteller and I am in awe of how she navigates commercial and close-to-your-soul projects to make a living as an artist.”

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Time break-down:

[0:00] Episode intro and bio for Janice Smith

[1:05] How did Janice get into this work? What does it mean to capture moments in time? What is the line between narcissism and documenting important memories?

[6:14] How Janice decided to make the leap into starting her own business. Bringing the dream from hobby to full-time. The steps to launching a creative and product based business.

[13:30] Successful creatives need to focus on product, process, and point of view. Janice’s thoughts about process and POV for her business. It’s scary, but soooo important to take a point of view.

[19:42] Janice’s observations on gender as she’s walked the path of traditionally male dominated spaces: film-making and business ownership.

[26:44] Maintaining a creative spark in the midst of a growing business

[29:20] Meaningful client story

[31:15] Brand Story Films: What are those? Why are they valuable?

[34:03] What’s next? Answering the question of ‘How do we also create films that are good for the world?;

[36:03] Thank you and sign-off

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