030: Ceramic artist Doreen Jakob tells stories in clay

“How can things that we own have very special meaning to us?” Ceramic artist Doreen Jakob creates functional ceramics that are distinctive, meaningful, and beautiful. In this episode we talk about Doreen’s process, the logistics and connections of a solo entrepreneur with a family, how she measures success and what continues to inspire her.

Doreen Jakob is a Durham-based artist, entrepreneur, mother, partner, friend, business bestie, scholar, immigrant. Doreen is the owner of doora, a business that explores what common objects can mean to us. She makes functional ceramics that tell stories and are infused with personal meaning by building collage works and layering multiple materials – vintage laces, embroidery but also plants or even packaging material – on clay. Doreen and her work can be found on Saturdays at the Durham Craft Market (by the Durham Farmers Market), larger regional arts and crafts festivals and at a variety of local galleries and craft boutiques. Doreen holds a PhD in Sociology.   

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Time break-down:

[0:00] Episode intro and Doreen’s bio.

[1:20] doora ceramics “is a business that explores what common objects can mean to us.” What does this mean? Functional, meaningful and beautiful.

[3:49] Why ceramics and clay? How did Doreen develop her signature look?

[6:40] Why the local focus? How is Doreen handling the changing Durham skyline?

[8:48] Doreen’s various roles: solopreneur, mom, artist, partner. How does these roles bump up against one another or compliment each other?

[11:46] The rhythm of weekends at the market

[13:01] How has Doreen’s approach to her work changed since becoming a mother?

[14:34] doora is 5 years old! Yay! What were the learning curves and how did Doreen decide to take the leap into this business?

[17:12] A new phase for doora: growing deeper rather than bigger. Commissioned work.

[20:27] How does Doreen manage this workload?

[21:44] The life cycle of a doora piece from inspiration thru sale. How does she create her work? What would a meeting with a client look like?

[28:35] The solitary aspect of the solopreneur and craftsperson.

[32:12] What are Doreen’s benchmarks for success?

[37:18} What is the creative fire that pushes her to keep making? What do these piece mean to her as a creator?

[39:38] What’s next?

[41:25] Thank you and sign-off

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  1. Thank you so much Tamara for inviting me to come to your studio and talk about my work! Your support for local artist is so amazing and your work will leave a lasting impact on the way we know about each other and come together as a community. Thank you for all that you do for us!

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