Feel the real big love coming at you from this gratitude blast

Throwing big thanks your way today. September 1st will mark the one YEAR anniversary of the Artist Soapbox podcast. It’s coming up! By then, we’ll have released almost 50 podcast episodes and 13 blog posts, conducted two Creative Accountability Groups and two speaking events, and who knows what else we’ll cram in there! I’m excited and so grateful for the support of my community of listeners and friends. Thank you.

Special thanks to the patrons of Artist Soapbox without whom there would be no podcast.

Soapboxers, the official patrons of ASBX: Amber Wood, Amy Sawyers-Williams, Beth Popelka, Carissa Johnson White, Cheryl Chamblee, Erin Bell, Hidden Voices, Hope Love, J Evarts, Jessica Flemming, Julie Kaplan, Kaitlin June, Karen Burns, Laura Webb, Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern, Lormarev Jones, Louis Landry, Meg Defoe, Meredith Pause, Monica Byrne, Nicola Bullock, Samantha Cibelli, Shelby Hahn, Susannah & Mark Hough, Thaddaeus Edwards, Tim & Linda Kissane, Tim McMackin, Women’s Theatre Festival, + 2 people who prefer to remain anonymous (Add your name to this list?)

Big thanks to Jim Haverkamp & Alex Maness of Shadowbox Studio, Mara Thomas, and Meredith Sause for making Artist Soapbox go.

And big gratitude to all the guests who’ve taken the time to converse ON AIR. I hope it has been a wonderful opportunity to clarify, share wisdom and passion, and affirm what a richly creative community we have in the Triangle.

Guests on episodes 001-036: Mara Thomas, John Jimerson, JoRose, JaMeeka Holloway-Burrell, Susannah Hough, Thaddaeus Edwards, Marshall Botvinick, Jessica Flemming, Ian Bowater, Amy Sawyers-Williams, Aurelia Belfield, Rose Werth, Nicola Bullock, Dana Marks, Monét Noelle Marshalle, Erin Bell, Geraud Staton, Faye Goodwin, Nick Popio, Julie Kaplan, Lormarev Jones, Cheryl Chamblee, Ely Urbanski, Robin Frohardt, Killian Manning, Doreen Jakob, Katy Koop, Dan Sipp, Stacy Wolfson, Curtis Eller, Maxine Eloi, Andrea Edith Moore, Janice Smith (P.S. There are about 20 more guests whose episodes are in process or on the calendar for the fall, so stay tuned.)

Friends, thank you for listening, for sharing, and for caring. You inspire me, and that’s why I do this podcast.

Love, Tamara

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