SHOW ME: ASBX Shorts Episode 6

Rural West Texas, August of 1966. A skeptically hopeful fifteen-year-old returns home from church camp determined to uncover definitive proof of the existence of angels. The outcome of her act of faith yields lasting ramifications.

by Amber Wood

SHOW ME is the sixth of six short audio fiction pieces created and produced by North Carolina artists. Artist Soapbox Shorts were specifically contributed by the artists to aid in fundraising and to get everyone excited about Jesus Pancake, the new audio fiction series in development.

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ASBX shorts are an Artist Soapbox production, co-produced by Aurelia Belfield and Tamara Kissane, and sound designed by Jasmine Hunjan.

SHOW ME was written by Amber Wood.

Directed by Rachel Klem

Production Manager: Griffin James

Performed by: Marleigh Purgar-McDonald (The Girl), Page Purgar (Narrator)

Transcript of SHOW ME

  • Amber Wood
  • Marleigh Purgar-McDonald
  • Page Purgar
  • Rachel Klem
  • Griffin James
  • Jasmine Hunjan


Amber Wood (Playwright):Theatre maker and storyteller Amber Wood (she/her/hers) celebrates empathy and lifelong play. After moving from Durham, NC to Hamilton, Ontario, she founded Lightbulb Heart, a storytime and collaborative theatre company committed to emotional wholeness and dismantling oppression through thoughtful story curation and compassionate engagement. Amber’s writing focuses primarily on community building and mental health advocacy: “Karaoke Visiting Hour” (2019 Mind Play Theatre Festival); “There’s an Easy Bake Oven Where My Heart Should Be.”

Marleigh Purgar-McDonald (Actor, THE GIRL) is an actress in the triangle, and a rising freshman at UNC Chapel Hill. She has recently worked with Seed Art Share, Justice Theater Project, and Sonorous Road. She loves educating others through theater, and spending time with her family and cat.

Page Purgar (Actor, NARRATOR) has been an actor in the Triangle for oer ten years, and is grateful for the opportunity to tell this story for ASBX. Previous credits include: Circle Mirror Transformation (REP, Brides of the Moon (Common Ground), Fuddy Mirrors (TIP) and Wit (JTP). Thank you to Rachel and Amber and my partner in all the crime, Marleigh.

Rachel Klem (Director) (she/her) has been a theatre artist in the Durham/ Chapel Hill/ Raleigh area since 2001. She ran Common Ground Theatre for 10 years and taught and directed at NC State’s University Theatre for 15. Rachel has only recently started learning about the wonderfulness of audio drama and really enjoys the collaborative process that it allows.

Griffin James (Production Manager) (they/he) is a writer, theatre maker, and a graduate from NC State University. Griffin was involved with NCSU Theatre as an actor, stage manager, director, and playwright. They are incredibly excited to have had the opportunity to work with Artist Soapbox as well as the many talented artists involved with this project. When not bouncing between projects, Griffin can be found drinking coffee or doting over a cat.

Jasmine Hunjan (Sound Designer) is a freelance sound designer working remotely around North Carolina. She is passionate and enthusiastic about working in audio and enjoys collaborating with others whenever possible. A self-proclaimed “daydreamer,” Jasmine enjoys writing, reading and has even put out her own music. Jasmine is completing her last year at Appalachian State University as a Music Industry Studies major with a concentration in both recording & production and marketing & promotion and looks forward to pursuing a career in audio engineering and post production. Link to listen on spotify:


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