148: Creative process and progress: Writing short fiction with Ken Wetherington

Enjoy this thoughtful, lovely conversation with short fiction writer, Ken Wetherington. You’ll hear Ken talk about themes in his writing, how he comes up with his ideas, his writing process, the value of a writing group, and more — including Ken reading two excerpts of his work!

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Ken Wetherington


Ken Wetherington lives in Durham, North Carolina with his wife and two dogs. His stories have appeared in Ginosko Literary JournalThe Fable OnlineBorrowed Solace: A Journal of Literary RamblingsThe Remington Review, Waymark Literary Magazine, Backchannels, Idle Ink, and others. His first collection, Santa Abella and Other Stories was awarded the B.R.A.G. Medallion from the Book Readers Appreciation Group in the literary fiction category. When not writing, he is an avid film buff and has taught film courses for the OLLI program at Duke University.

Website: https://kenwetherington.com

Amazon Link: Santa Abella and Other Stories – Kindle edition by Wetherington, Ken. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Twitter: @KenWetherington

Writer of the Month: Writer of the Month: Ken Wetherington for May 2021 (elizabethmcastillo.com)

BRAG Medallion Award: Santa Abella and Other Stories – Ken Wetherington – Literary Fiction Books (bragmedallion.com)


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