ASBX JP is a G-O! (A solo update by Tamara)

A five minute update about what’s happening with Artist Soapbox. Hint: It’s all good news!!!


Hey Soapboxers!

It’s Tamara here. I’m so excited to connect with you and to share an Artist Soapbox update with two big announcements. I’ve also included an audition reminder at the end.

Soapboxers! The projects we have in motion are filling my cup with hope and love. My kids are back in school and if all goes well and the schools stay open and we all stay healthy, then you are going to be up to your ears in a treasure trove of new ASBX content. So mask up inside and out. Vax up if you haven’t. Take care of and protect each other, including kids under 12, their educators and caregivers.

The biggest news, the biggest first biggest news is that we have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for our newest audio serial Jesus Pancake. That’s right, we are a Go Go!!

Go to our Indiegogo page (How many times can I say, “Go”?) like, right now and show us some pancake love.

Ok, Jesus Pancake!

The first nine episodes of Jesus Pancake will include 32 characters, almost 4 hours of content, original music, and lots of quirkiness. Forty two artists will be involved in this production (including production staff, designers, writers, and actors). This will be our most ambitious project yet! I think it can even be described as audacious. Like all of our audio content, Jesus Pancake will be available for free via all podcast platforms. 

Thanks to a generous grant from Manbites Dog Theater Fund, we are 1/3 of the way toward our funding goal. We need your assistance to make it the rest of the way! We’d be grateful if you support our campaign with dollars, by sharing this podcast, and spreading the good word far and wide about Artist Soapbox and the work we do. 

To summarize, If you like audio fiction and like to pay the artists who make it, please contribute. In return, we will make awesome and compelling audio content for you to enjoy!

There’s a lot of info on that Indiegogo page, so go go over there for more.

The biggest biggest second news is that coming next, we are celebrating this fundraising campaign by releasing six short audio fiction pieces written and performed by NC artists.

That’s right, we are pre-celebrating with gratitude and love. The six Artist Soapbox Shorts were specifically contributed by the artists to aid in fundraising and to get everyone excited about the Jesus Pancake that’s to come!! So much awesomeness.

We’ll be dripping out the Audio Shorts over the next few weeks, so stay tuned and follow us on the social medias. If you want them early, then bop over to our patreon page and become at patron at the $5 level and up. Monthly patronage is really essential to the maintenance and growth of our organization. Thank you for your support.

Let’s wrap up with an audition reminder:

We are casting for 3 short audio dramas as part of the Food for Thought project. We will continue to accept auditions until these projects are cast, so please see the links in the show notes and go to for more information.

In particular, we are seeking actors who are from or have links to the US Virgin Islands for Ashley-Ruth Bernier’s piece And Eat It, Too. And we are seeking actors of the Philippine diaspora for Tori Grace Nichol’s piece Crocodile Twins. Please share with your networks and pass on to actors who might be interested. Recording will happen virtually, so actors do not need to be located in North Carolina. The Food for Thought Project is supported by the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation.

Thanks. Sending you love thru this season and the next…to be continued. Go, go, go!

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INDIEGOGO campaign!!!

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