Artist Soapbox

Artist Soapbox is a platform for original scripted audio fiction and an opportunity for artists to discuss their creative work in their own voices. We do this through our interview podcast, our blog, live events, and original audio dramas.

Artist Soapbox is an anti-racist organization. We believe Black Lives Matter. In addition, as a podcast production company, ASBX has signed the Equality in Audio Pact on Broccoli Content.

Artist Soapbox is more than just a podcast.

We lead writers groups, accountability support, workshops, and events. We produce and create audio dramas too! Listen to the Master BuilderThe New Colossus Audio Drama, Jesus Pancake, Declaration of Love, Food for Thought, and ASBX Shorts. Stay tuned to hear about more projects written by the Soapbox Audio Collective Writers’ Group.

Audio Dramas

Jesus (1400 × 1400 px)-2

Jesus Pancake

Jesus Pancake is the newest scripted audio fiction series from Artist Soapbox. Nine episodes of zany dark comedy.


The New Colossus

The New Colossus Audio Drama is a totally unhinged dark comedy reboot of Anton Chekhov’s classic play, THE SEAGULL.


Master Builder

This audio drama was adapted from Tamara’s 2018 stage play produced by Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern and inspired by Henrick Ibsen’s classic, The Master Builder published in 1892.


Declaration of Love

Co-producers Aurelia Belfield and Tamara Kissane of Artist Soapbox commissioned eleven NC playwrights to craft short audio scenes based on the prompt “Declaration of Love.”


Food for Thought

Three pilot episodes of new scripted audio fiction series inspired by the prompt Food for Thought.


ASBX Shorts

ASBX Shorts are six short audio fiction pieces created and produced by North Carolina artists. Artist Soapbox Shorts were specifically contributed by the artists to aid in fundraising and to get everyone excited about Jesus Pancake, our new audio fiction series in development.

Join us for the summer Creative Accountability Group!

We are having such a tremendous experience with the first group, that we've scheduled another! Announcing the summer Artist Soapbox Creative Accountability Group Facilitated by Mara Thomas and Tamara Kissane Join ...

Take your work seriously (Mara Thomas, ASBX blog post 010)

Greetings, Soapboxers! Next week, Tamara and I are launching our first Creative Accountability Group. I can’t wait! I’m already inspired by the statement these artists have made by signing up ...

ASBX speaks at HOME BREW on April 13

Hear this podcaster speak live on April 13 at 9:00 pm, after HONEST PINT'S performance of THE ABSOLUTE BRIGHTNESS OF LEONARD PELKEY! Tamara Kissane is presenting for HOME BREW, "a ...

The importance of physical practice (Mara Thomas, ASBX blog post 009)

Greetings, Soapboxers! I have really been enjoying talking to you about clearing space and bringing in nourishment to our lives. I like to think of it as the things we ...

Nourish your creative self (Mara Thomas, ASBX blog post 008)

Howdy, Soapboxers! When we last chatted, I talked about cleaning and tidying as being a first step toward making space for your creativity. I even challenged you to make a ...

Creative Accountability Group for Artists

Announcing the first Artist Soapbox Creative Accountability Group for Artists Facilitated by Mara Thomas and Tamara Kissane Join a small group of highly-motivated artists in a supportive environment and take ...

Cleaning house (Mara Thomas, ASBX blog post 007)

Greetings, fellow Soapboxers! I closed my last blog post of 2017 by promising to shift from creativity obstructions to creativity resources. Ready? Let’s clean house. I don’t know about you, ...

Farewell, creativity obstructions! Hello, creativity resources! (Mara Thomas, ASBX blog post 006)

**Last post of 2017!** Happy New Year, Soapboxers! How does that salutation sit with you? How does it feel to be looking ahead to a fresh calendar? Hopeful? Scary? Exciting? ...

Reclaiming MY Time (Mara Thomas, ASBX blog post 005)

I am a goal-oriented person. I do really well with a plan. If all the steps are laid out for me -- i.e. marathon training -- I will show up ...

Milestone Reached: ASBX Double Digits

Last Friday, I released episode #10 of the Artist Soapbox podcast. I intended to celebrate with you via social media cuteness, some blurbs about the previous episodes, and other ASBX ...
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