Milestone Reached: ASBX Double Digits

Last Friday, I released episode #10 of the Artist Soapbox podcast. I intended to celebrate with you via social media cuteness, some blurbs about the previous episodes, and other ASBX content. Instead, I began barfing and didn’t stop for the rest of the day. You know that stomach bug that’s going around? Well, I got it. My spouse has it now. If the kids go down, then our family’s essentially out of commission for the rest of this year. Wheee! Happy Holidays!

However, I did want to note that it happened. In three months, Artist Soapbox podcast has reached double digits! And you can look forward to another new episode this Friday with the amazing Amy Sawyers-Williams about applied theatre. AND there are more after that — I’ve recorded another two interviews, have two scheduled for next week, and over a dozen already calendared for the coming months.

Mara Thomas is writing new creativity blog posts like a boss. We have some new projects and programs scheduled for next year. It’s happening.

Thank you to all of the ASBX podcast guests. Thank you to all of the listeners.

I hope you are reaching your milestones too — the big ones and the tiny ones too. If milestone-reaching isn’t on your agenda, then I hope you’re coasting thru this season gently and easily. Love.


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