145: Creekside with Winona: an audio play for young audiences

How about a special summer treat? This episode is a short audio play for kids created by the Curious Theatre Collective.

“In an effort to make our work more accessible, and with the unique opportunity provided by the COVID-19 pandemic to try something new, the Curious Theatre Collective is delighted to present Creekside with Winona, our first audio play for young audiences. Inspiration for this piece was taken from our live production Creekside: The Journey of a Young Environmentalist. The story focuses on Mia, a young girl who notices that something is wrong with the creek in her backyard. She is visited in her imagination by Winona LaDuke, Native American environmentalist and activist. Together they think about our environment and how we can work to protect it.”

Please see curioustheatrecollective.com for more information, including bios, a resource guide, the script, and more. 

Curious Theatre Collective tells the stories of remarkable women through original theater programming, inspiring young audiences to follow their curiosity, persevere through challenges, and believe in the power of their imagination. For more information, please see our website: curioustheatrecollective.com

Creekside with Winona was written by the Curious Theatre Collective – Jessica Flemming, Julie Kaplan, Tamara Kissane, and Emma Nadeau, and recorded in the fall of 2020. It was directed by Jessica Flemming, with sound design by Emma Nadeau.

Mia is played by Marleigh Purgar-McDonald.

Winona is played by Rachel Leighson.

This piece was recorded and produced on the unceded ancestral lands of the Eno, Lumbee, Shakori, Tuscarora, and Lenape tribes. 

Creekside with Winona is a fictional story inspired by the activism and environmentalism of the real life Winona LaDuke. For more information, please see the Curious Theatre Collective website. This production is supported by a grant from the Orange County Arts Commission.


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