Upcoming event: Join us for Public Works on November 24!

Grateful for this preview in INDYWeek today!

Join us this Sunday, Nov. 24 and again on December 8. Details below.

“Tamara Kissane, the playwright and Artist Soapbox podcast host, is well-acquainted with the constraints that film and live theater place around the works their artists can make. But if those mediums make it cost-prohibitive to locate a story in an underwater submarine or on top of a mountain, Kissane— who has recently branched out into audio drama—says that “in audio drama, you can do both in the same story.” Public Works, her new series co-produced by Mettlesome, gives regional writers a lab and a forum in which to do the same. In this first edition, local theatricals Dustin Britt, Elisabeth Lewis Corley, Sylvia Freeman, Chuck Keith and Katy Koop develop three-to-five-minute stories based on a prompt (this week: “fire”) that are designed to be heard, not read. Your job? Show up, chill with your beverage of preference, close your eyes, and listen. “There’s a freedom with this artform,” Kissane notes. “We can take our listeners anywhere and still maintain the incredible intimacy when a human voice is just beyond your ears.” —Byron Woods” 

Experience audio micro-fiction on November 24 (and December 8)!

Enjoy a beverage! 

Close your eyes, and be transported by a group of local writers performing their short works in progress (5 mins or less) based on the writing prompt: FIRE. 

Performances will be followed by a conversation with the writers about their creative process and writing for audio. This is a chill and casual event to support local artists as they develop material for a new medium. [The next Public Works event is scheduled for December 8 with the writing prompt: ICE]

November 24 writers are Elisabeth Lewis Corley, Katy Koop, Dustin Britt, Chuck Keith, and Sylvia Freeman.

Sponsored by Artist Soapbox and Mettlesome
Sunday, November 24 from 2-3pm
OKAY ALRIGHT 401 W Geer St, Suite A

FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/396642551029258/
This event is free. You’ll have an opportunity to tip the artists involved. Drinks will be provided for a suggested donation.

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