Thank you 10,000 times! Milestone achieved!

Earlier this week, Artist Soapbox hit a major milestone.

After a little over 2 years, we have achieved 10,000 downloads. This feels monumental for a local indie podcast and has truly exceeded my expectations. I hope you’ll celebrate with me. Thank you for listening. Thank you to the patrons, guests, and supporters who have made Artist Soapbox possible.

ASBX Patrons on Patreon (as of 11.22.19)

Allan Maule, Amanda Hahn, Amber Wood, Amy Sawyers-Williams, Barbette Hunter, Carissa Johnson, Elizabeth Popelka, Erin Bell, Hope Love, Ian Finley, J Evarts, Jessica Flemming, Jules Odendahl-James, Juliana Finch, Kaitin June, Karen Burns, Kevin Barkan, Laura Webb, Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern, Laura Webb, Lormarev Jones, Louis Landry, Meg Defoe, Michael Babbitt, Michael O’Foghludha, Nicola Bullock, Richard Hess, Samantha Cibelli, Steve Tell, Susannah and Mark Hough, Thaddaeus Edwards, Tim and Linda Kissane, Tim McMackin, Women’s Theatre Festival. Thank you previous patrons of ASBX too.

Please become a monthly supporter of Artist Soapbox and ensure the continued growth of this podcast.

ASBX Interview Guests 2017-2019:

Mara Thomas, John Jimerson, JoRose, JaMeeka Holloway-Burrell, Susannah Hough, Thaddaeus Edwards, Marshall Botvinick, Jessica Flemming, Ian Bowater, Amy Sawyers-Williams, Aurelia Belfield, Rose Werth, Nicola Bullock, Dana Marks, Monét Noelle Marshall, Erin Bell, Geraud Staton, Faye Goodwin, Nick Popio, Julie Kaplan, Lormarev Jones, Cheryl Chamblee, Ely Urbanski, Robin Frohardt, Killian Manning, Doreen Jakob, Katy Koop, Dan Sipp, Stacy Wolfson, Curtis Eller, Maxine Eloi, Andrea Edith Moore, Janice Smith, Michele Okoh, Johannah Maynard Edwards, Louis Landry, Allan Maule, Naima Yetunde-Ince, Alyssa Nobe, Justin Tornow, Lightsey Darst, Ian Finley, Dasan Ahanu, Kaley Morrison, ShaLeigh Comerford, Amelia Freeman-Lynde, Alex Ripp, Juliana Finch, Rebekah Miel, Barbette Hunter, Michael Babbitt, Ashley Popio, Elizabeth Johnson, Anna Barker, Allan Friedman, Lakeisha Coffey, Coke Ariail, Dara Page, Robin Carmon Marshall, Aby Rao, Tori Grace Nichols, Georges Le Chevallier, Kerry Crocker, Khayla Deans, Pamela Thompson, Amber Wood, Matthew Hager, Thea Fotiu Howell, Cristina Bejan, Tristan André Parks, Victoria Bender, Elisabeth Lewis Corley, Wendy Spitzer, Brook North, Renee Wimberley, Allie Pfeffer, Alina Vail, Brenda Priest, Lauren Van Hemert, Jim Haverkamp, Alex Maness, Allison Kirkland, John Carter, Debbie Vu, Kamara Thomas, Jeff Storer, Ed Hunt, Dale Wolf, Rebecca Bossen, Marie Garlock. Thank you to Duke150 for sponsoring 3 episodes of ASBX.


Dana Marks, Thaddaeus Edwards, Rebecca Bossen, Dale Wolf, Maxine Eloi, Vincent Bland, Jr., Susannah Hough, Erin Bell, Kaley Morrison, Edith Snow, Pennee Miles, Alex Maness, Amanda Hahn. Thank you to Women’s Theatre Festival, Tim McMackin, and the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation for financial support.

Additional thanks to:

Mara Thomas for her monthly blog posts, Kaley Morrison for graphics, Edith Snow for podcast editing, Shadowbox Studio for recording, anonymous donors, Soapbox Audio Collective writers, THE NEW COLOSSUS team, and the granting organizations for pending projects including the Durham Arts Council, Manbites Dog Theater Fund, Mary Duke Biddle Foundation.

If I forgot to thank someone, please let me know. If you are reading this, I hope you feel my gratitude coursing your way. Sincerely, Tamara

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