029: What I learned from 40 years of not being famous: PART ONE. Define and redefine success.

WHAT I LEARNED FROM 40 YEARS OF NOT BEING FAMOUS: PART ONE. This is the first installment of a multi-part series planned for the Artist Soapbox podcast in which Tamara considers how we might love the artists we are and support the artists we love even when….especially when….we feel like we’re falling short.

In PART ONE, using a bit of her own story, Tamara throws a flag on our culture’s messed-up definition of success, our preoccupation with ‘getting famous’, and how local artists are marginalized as a result. What might our lives look like if our community reimagined success and then affirmed and cherished our local art-makers? What might our lives look like if each individual artist loved their own creative gifts? What does success mean to you?

Tamara presented a draft of this episode after a performance of HONEST PINT’s production of THE ABSOLUTE BRILLIANCE OF LEONARD PELKEY. Thanks to Susannah Hough and David Henderson for opportunity to try out this material and to the audience members who stayed after to listen and participate. You’ll hear from audience members throughout this episode! And thanks to the patrons of Artist Soapbox via our Patreon page who had early access to this content and gave really useful feedback. Thank you, Soapboxers.

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5 thoughts on “029: What I learned from 40 years of not being famous: PART ONE. Define and redefine success.

  1. Amen, Tamara. I have felt all of these feelings many, many times. I feel encouraged and inspired by your words and this podcast. Thank you! — btw, you are amazing and a true success!!!

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