168: Chinese Girl Wants Vote: Trailblazer Mabel Lee: an audio play for young audiences

How about a special summer treat? This episode is a short audio play for middle-school kids created by the Curious Theatre Collective.


Founded in 2016, Curious Theatre Collective creates original, interdisciplinary educational theater programming that inspires audiences to follow their curiosity, persevere through challenges, and believe in the power of their imagination.

Curious Theatre Collective is excited to share the next installment of audio plays for young audiences: Chinese Girl Wants Vote.

Written by Jinna Kim, Chinese Girl Wants Vote presents the life and work of Dr. Mabel Ping-Hua Lee. Dr. Lee’s work for women’s rights and the Chinese American community are gifts we are thrilled to share with our audience (specifically grades 4-8).

Chinese Girl Wants Vote: Trailblazer Mabel Lee features Rachel Kanakanui and Pimpila Violette. This audio play was funded thanks to grant support from the Orange County Arts Commission.

Curious Theatre Collective is Emma Nadeau, Jessica Flemming, Tamara Kissane, and Julie Kaplan.

Read along with the script

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For more info, cast bios, and resources: CTC Audio Plays

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