Announcing auditions for Food for Thought

Artist Soapbox is excited to announce auditions for Food For Thought, our pilot project for up and coming audio dramatists. [PLEASE NOTE: AUDITIONS ARE NOW CLOSED.]

Audition announcement!

Seeking voice actors for Artist Soapbox’s ‘Food For Thought’ audio project.

Three fabulous writers have developed audio fiction series based on the prompt “food for thought.” We will be producing short excerpts (10-15 min) from their pilot episodes. Actor Stipend: $50. Rehearsals and recording: late August/September depending on availability. Three-to-four rehearsals based on script needs and cast availability.


And Eat It, Too by Ashley-Ruth Bernier: Jolie, an optimistic and talented baker in an impoverished island community, finds herself at a crossroads when a high-stakes, hugely popular cake decorating show (think “Cake Wars”, etc.) decides to film its next season on island. As an intern on the show, Jolie inadvertently publicizes the question of what happens to the cakes once the filming is finished–and finds herself in the middle of the show’s mission to showcase the fine art of outlandish cake decoration, and her community’s real problem with food insecurity.

I’m Not Here Right Now by Shea Stanley: Ella, 23, has a dead mom. She graduated college 6 months ago and is still living in her college town after her mom’s death kept her from moving away for a super cool journalism internship. Unemployed and friendless, she spends every day applying for jobs on her laptop at Doggy Style, a kinda bad hot dog joint known by drunk college kids for its tater tots. Super sad and super missing her college meal plan, the task of feeding herself a vegetable is nearly unbearable, especially since her mom never taught her how to fucking boil water. It’s at Doggy Style she meets MJ, a college senior who is anything but stuck. They spend night after night dancing, drinking & falling super in love. Ella finally feels like she did before her mom died. But the tater tots & rum and cokes start to add up while the insurance money runs out. Ella’s job hunt becomes even more important, but – wait – is she actually sending in the applications? Is she eating anything else besides shitty hot dogs (MJ didn’t know people actually ate the hot dogs)? How are you supposed to go to the grocery store when you’re falling in love and grieving all at the same time? How are you supposed to let someone see the real you when the real you is barely brushing your teeth every day? Maybe you don’t.

Crocodile Twins by Tori Grace Nichols: LaLa is a rambunctious adoptee from the Philippines living overseas on an american military base. Rey Rey is quiet and obedient, and likes to help at his family’s filipino food restaurant. They meet one summer in Virginia Beach and become close friends. LaLa struggles with feeling like she doesn’t belong anywhere and Rey Rey wonders if his family will still love him if they knew how he really feels inside. As they grow older, friendship, food, and perhaps a spirit guide or two help them figure out who they are and how to stay connected.

The Food for Thought Project is supported by a grant from the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation. We are so grateful.

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Auditions are CLOSED for the Sips & Scripts New Works Festival! FIVE NEW PLAYS with a variety of roles!

Learn more about the festival and auditions, including descriptions of plays here:

Please submit a Headshot/Resume, info about what projects/characters you are interested in, and a link to your audition video. Audition submission deadline was Saturday AUGUST 14. Decisions will be made in the following 2 days and actors must be ready to rehearse immediately. Rehearsals will primarily be virtual and there are expected to be around 5 sessions. No cash compensation, actors will receive a free 1-yr membership to CATG, if not already a member.

Submit to
Your video submission can be something previously recorded that you already have published on a 3rd party video site like Youtube or Vimeo, or to create something for this audition specifically, please record a 1 minute cut of a monologue and upload it to a 3rd party site.

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