140: Big feelings and big fun. Writing audio theatre for children with writer and composer Matthew Hager

Imagination + Heart + Audio Storytelling.

Dive into a trio of treats with Giselle la Trent the Gazellephant, and Spotted, Blotted, Polka-Dotted: the Story of Peter the Hippo, and STUCK Stories, all three created by Matthew Hager and produced by Aggregate Theatre Company.

In this episode, multi-hyphenate theatre artist Matthew Hager discusses his original audio dramas for kids and the young at heart. (You’ll even hear some clips!) Matthew shares his process for creating audio theatre, his thoughts about writing for children, and the power, flexibility and meaning-making of story for all ages. 

P.S. You may recognize Matthew’s voice from hearing him in Stone Flower, Episode 4 of Artist Soapbox’s Declaration of Love audio series. 


Matthew Hager is a theatre artist living in Raleigh, NC.  As an actor, Matthew has performed with organizations such as North Carolina Theatre, North Carolina Symphony, Bulldog Ensemble Theatre, Manbites Dog, Deep Dish, and is a company member with Burning Coal Theatre Company.  Last year, Matthew performed the role of Doug in “Stone Flower” as part of Artist Soapbox’s Declaration of Love audio series.  As a musical theatre composer, Matthew has written two children’s musicals and co-developed other original musicals with North Carolina Theatre Conservatory and Justice Theatre Project.  In 2017, Matthew created Aggregate Theatre Company with the mission of developing a younger theatregoing audience in the Triangle by producing material specifically tailored for families and young professionals.  Since that time, Aggregate has produced eight productions (including six world premieres) ranging from stage plays, to musicals, to audio dramas.  In 2020, Matthew was the recipient of a United Arts of Wake County Artist Support Grant for the purpose of adapting his musical Giselle la Trent the Gazellephant into an audio production to be released later this year.


Stuck Stories – Bonus Episode – “Peter the Hippo”

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