099: Growth, impact, and accessibility with podcast critic and advocate Elena Fernández Collins

Tamara  talks with podcast critic Elena Fernández Collins about impact, accessibility and barriers to entry, the formation of critical language, best practices, indie creating, and more. 

Elena Fernández Collins, podcast critic, journalist, and advocate

Elena Fernández Collins is a podcast critic and forensic sociolinguist living in Portland, OR. She writes about podcasts for her own website, outlets like The Bello Collective, The AV Club and Podcast Review, and curates her own newsletter about fiction podcasts, Audio Dramatic.  In the time that she’s not trying to promote audio fiction and indie creators in the podcasting sphere, she’s working on a linguistics thesis about non-native English speaker comprehension of the Miranda rights in the United States. In a distant past, Elena performed in college stage plays; more recently, you can hear her as the voice of Marisol, the intergalactic pizza delivery girl on Ostium’s special episodes for International Podcast Month, and as Soledad Marquez on VALENCE.

This piece, Growth, Impact, and Accessibility with Podcast Critic and Advocate Elena Fernández Collins, was originally published on HowlRound Theatre Commons on March 4, 2020 (see that page for transcript).  This interview series for Howlround is part of Tamara’s quest to learn more about audio drama by speaking with the people who are working in the medium.

Music: Spring Idyll by Pennee Miles


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