“You be you.” Encouraging authenticity in episode 069.

Have you listened yet to yesterday’s episode 069 with Thea Fotiu Howell, The Artist’s Concierge? Thea covers branding, archetypes, marketing, authenticity, and more. She even digs into Artist Statements around the 46:30 time mark. (Be sure to listen to her tips on how to construct an Artist Statement that you feel good about.)

Tamara and Thea at Shadowbox Studio

A few minutes later, we come to one of my favorite parts of this episode! I’ve included an excerpt of the transcript below, though you’ll need to listen to hear the enthusiasm in our voices.

Artists, I hope this is hearty encouragement for you.

Your audience is eager to know you and your work (if you want to share)! You are interesting, fascinating, and inspiring. Tell us what you have to say!

*transcript excerpt*

Time: 50:32

Tamara: Artist statements are important to give our audience context, to orient them. But also, I want to emphasize this —  people want to care about you. Give them the information that they need to go on that journey of caring about you, engaging with you, feeling with you in a way that they wouldn’t connect with a HomeGoods print.

Thea: Absolutely. And here’s something really profound about that, Tamara — people do not have to find themselves in you to like you and want to be aligned with you. You could be the complete opposite of them and their interests in every aspect, and they still want to be next to you and be as close as they can to you. They want to understand you and relate to you and know you. It feels good to know something that’s different.

Tamara: Yes.

Thea: I use the example of …I’m the biggest chicken sh!t. I am the person who runs out of the room when I see anything spooky. I’m the one who runs to the door. I have a very good flight response. So why do I have this awesome collection of horror movies?  There is something that is feeding me. That is of interest to me. Maybe I see myself in the character that’s fleeing, I don’t know. But always keep in mind that your audience does not have to be you. In fact, it’s a really high form of flattery when you know they are not.

Tamara: Right. I’m not looking for somebody who is a carbon copy of me because I’m hanging out with myself all the time. I want somebody who makes me feel excited, who is some other version — almost a fantasy version– of me. I want to jump into that and get a piece of that and feel a little bit of that spark. So, if you give me that opportunity by telling me who you are, then I will be there for that. One hundred percent. You don’t need to try to be me to get me. You be you, and I will come to you.

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