Laying the foundation for MASTER BUILDER

The MASTER BUILDER AUDIO PROJECT is a new ASBX audio drama written by Tamara Kissane scheduled for release in summer 2019. 

The development process is underway! We have a cast. We have a team. We have a script. We have recording dates. We’re rolling!

We’d love for you to join us on this journey to completion.

ASBX Patrons at the $3+ level will have access to:

Behind-the-scenes photos, audio clips, interviews, blog posts and secret documents!  Most excitingly, $3+ patrons will have EARLY ACCESS to the finished audio drama before the general public.

Be a part of this process. Be a fly on the wall. Be a Soapboxer.

Pics of Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern‘s staging of Master Builder. Photos taken by Erin Bell of Bull City Photography.

Take a front seat for all the action happening between now and the release of the finished audio drama in summer 2019.  

Become a patron and join the fun.

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