066: The circuitry of art. Audio/visual artist Kerry Crocker designs experiential art/technology

Artist Kerry Crocker has always wished that more art was interactive or at the very least, immersive or experiential. In this episode, Kerry discusses her own interactive audio visual artwork and her position as Director of Operations at the Carrack gallery. (This episode was recorded right before the Muse Masquerade, the largest fundraising event of the year for the Carrack.) Kerry shares her wisdom about how to approach an event with such a large scope; we talk about work-life balance, where she finds her inspiration and more.

Kerry Crocker portrait by Tiny Zombie

Having explored video, audio and basic circuitry in college, Kerry Crocker applied her media knowledge to the software industry during the birth of interactive media. After taking a sideways turn to help other people get organized for 5 years, she decided to return to an art practice in 2008 by taking a painting class, something she’d never tried in college. By 2010 she found a path toward mixing traditional media like painting with technology and found it most comfortable to start showing work as her alter ego, parasol b. She has a BFA in Experimental Video and Audio from the Atlanta College of Art and also works as the Director of Operations at The Carrack in Durham.

See a short video of Kerry’s work here at the top of this page: http://parasolb.com/work/loud-color-luminous-sound.

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You said “in 2008 you decided to do art again” — what had you been doing before that and what has your artistic journey looked like since then?

How would you describe the art you make? What are you fascinated by as an artist?

QR codes?

What project are you currently/next working on? (the Nicholas Collins project)


How did you get connected with the Carrack? What does Director of Operations entail?

This will air after the Muse Masquerade has occurred, but let’s  talk about it, you role in it, and how that will change going forward.


You mentioned your quest for balance between your work at the Carrack, the art you make and your life. What has the imbalance been these last few years? What would balance look like to you?

Anything else?

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3 thoughts on “066: The circuitry of art. Audio/visual artist Kerry Crocker designs experiential art/technology

  1. Could you include a link to the artist’s blog with the scientific / artistic experiments mentioned at the 28:00 mark?

    1. I’ve reached out to Kerry to see if she has a suggestion and will get back to you asap. Thanks for the question, and thanks so much for listening!

    2. Tina, I received the email below from Kerry. If you are an instagram user, then I’d suggest following Kerry there to see when she posts about her experiments. Thanks again for reaching out!
      “Hey Tamara,
      So, right after we talked I had to take on some software development contract work. That has completely eaten any time I thought I could make. And I took on a project making a music video for Tom Buhrman’s short film Nothing in Durham. So frustrating, altho overall, given the paying work I have on my plate, I’ve gotten better at balancing that with life stuff (house, yard, personal admin, etc.)—the art projects had to lose out, unfortunately. That listener gets a prize for being the first person to call me out on not having those experiment results. In any case my instagram is @parasolb, in the event I can work on them soon.”

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