054: Making a feature film.  Film director Michael Babbitt leverages decades of craft and hard work to create THE LAST IN LINE

What kind of work goes into making a feature-film? Do you have what it takes? How do you go about building a comprehensive fantasy world? We cover all of that and more as we dig into director Michael Babbitt’s most recent feature film The Last in Line: Saga of the Broken Swords that will be premiering November 17 at the Varsity Theatre in Chapel Hill.

Michael Babbitt’s directing experience covers over twenty years of stage productions and credits for music video, commercials, and narrative short films. Over the years he has worked for other aspiring filmmakers until starting Bombshell Studios in 2009. His films have been accepted and won awards in film festivals nationwide. He has an MFA from the Professional Acting Training Program at Playmaker’s Repertory Company and UNC Chapel Hill and a BA in Theatre from the University of Missouri at Columbia. He lives in Hillsborough with his wonderful wife and partner in Bombshell Studios.

Behind the scenes goodies about Last in Line:


Bombshell Studios

The world premiere of “The Last in Line” is Saturday, November 17th in Chapel Hill at the Varsity @ 4:30 pm!

Go, go, go! A limited number of tickets are available to the general public. See website for more info.

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Time break-down:

[0:00] Episode intro and Michael Babbitt’s bio.

[2:15] How Michael got interested in filmmaking at a very young age

[5:18] What does the craft (and “hard ass work”) of filmmaking entail?

[14:23] Michael talks about preparation for making a film

[19:16] How does Michael’s early experience working with physical film affect his work today with digital film

[23:04] Michael talks about his latest independent film project, The Last in Line: Saga of the Broken Swords, and the “world-building” that went into it.

[32:48] How did the other designers who worked on the film interpret the “world” that was created?

[39:58] Michael walks us through the timeline for making The Last in Line

[48:51] How did Michael sustain his passion for the project while working on it for so long?

[52:02] What happens leading up to a film premiere and how will The Last in Line be available for audiences?

[58:00] Thanks and sign-off

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  • With the arts people just think there’s magic behind it and there isn’t. There is no magic. The magic is what happens between the art and the audience.
  • Do not equate popularity and income and fame with the integrity and worth of the art.

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