034: Actor and filmmaker Maxine Eloi takes control of her career and her stories

Actor, director, and filmmaker, Maxine Eloi wrapped 9 short films and 1 feature film in 2017. Wow! Listen to Maxine talk about ramping up her career in film and theatre in North Carolina, the differences between film and theatre acting, some of her many film projects, mixed martial arts, and much more.

Maxine Eloi is an actor, director and filmmaker. Classically trained at Boston University and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA), Maxine received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from Boston University in 2013.  Since graduating, Maxine has continued to pursue her creative passions through film and theatre, and has also become an advocate for Social Justice through the arts. Her recent film credits include ‘The Last In Line’, ‘Blue Crossing’, ‘Roll Pin Punch’, and ‘Diamond’, to name a few.  Maxine is also a company member at Theater Delta and Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern. Maxine’s work provokes audiences to discuss and engage in ideas of social progress, wellness and justice, as seen through her roles in ‘Aghast’ and as a company member in Theater Delta, interactive theater for social change.  ‘Sunday Fun Day’, which discusses social and environmental issues, has recently screened at film festivals around the globe, such as FECI Bogotá, Hollywood Screenings Film Festival, BIC Berlin,AM Egypt, Tryon International and more.  Maxine is currently in pre-production for ‘Off Ramp’ and continues to write, act and create other film, television and theater projects.

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Time break-down:

[0:00] Episode intro and Maxine’s bio.

[1:37] Maxine asks herself, “What am I going to do in North Carolina as an actress?” How she gained traction here after relocating from LA, networking, and putting her heart into her work.

[8:53] Social change and social justice. Entertainment vs. art. Maxine has been involved in projects related to social change and social justice — are people doing more of this type of work? How is the industry changing as people take ownership of telling their own stories?

[14:22] What has her journey been from theatre actor to filmmaker?

[21:52] AGHAST: the film project that Maxine produced, co-directed, acted in and wrote. How did she manage that? How did the subject matter affect the making of the work and the way it is received on the film festival circuit? The media cycle.

[32:39] Film vs. theatre acting and making: what are the differences/pros and cons? They are very different mediums! Taking control and letting go of control. Post-production in film. In theatre, you never need to watch the DVD! 🙂

[49:00] Mixed-martial arts, yes. How did Maxine train for her role as a MMA fighter in ROLL PIN PUNCH? How did it go with the shooting of the fight scenes in the movie?

[56:52] What’s next for Maxine? When are all of these films coming out?

[59:49] Recommendations for people who’d like to get into film work.

[1:03] Thanks and sign-off

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