049: Why choose a brick and mortar? Business owner Amelia Freeman-Lynde talks handcraft and Freeman’s Creative

How do crafters take an interest and turn it into a business? Amelia Freeman-Lynde is the owner of Freeman’s Creative, a new shop in Durham, NC offering handcraft  supplies, creative classes, and gathering space for Durham’s creative community. Amelia has worked  as a theatrical propmaker, stagehand, restaurant manager, and handcraft instructor, and is thrilled to  have the opportunity to share her love of making with friends, neighbors, and customers.

For more information on Freeman’s Creative’s classes, products, and more be sure to visit freemanscreative.com

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Time break-down:

[0:00] Episode Intro. Amelia Freeman-Lynde’s bio and about Freeman’s Creative.

[2:24] The transition from interest to creating a business

[3:56] Why a brick and mortar vs. an online store?

[7:07] Classes at Freeman’s Creative – makers of all generations, including those who didn’t learn these skills in school. Working against “the coolness of convenience” to teach and rejuvenate an interest in knitting and handcraft.

[9:59] Why are people returning to learning hand craft? Understanding what goes into manufacturing the products we consume.

[14:56] Sustainability in our manufacturing process. Consideration for those making our products and the environment

[16:35] The intentional choice of naming Freeman’s Creative

[20:26] The biggest discoveries Amelia has made over that last two years, gearing up for and opening her business, and going into year two.

[25:24] Amelia talks about the mindset shift from the research and development phase to actually launching her business.

[28:11] Amelia’s main creative project: the business

[30:20] What is indigo dye?

[32:18] Amelia describes what it’s like in Lakewood and the Reused Arts District. What she wants to see in Durham for her business.

[37:01] Looking ahead to Freeman’s Creative’s second year

[40:13] Amelia’s closing thoughts, thanks and sign off


  • People are craving contact with other creators and makers
  • Creativity is a life skill
  • Making increases feeling of competence
  • Mindset shift: From passive consumer, to creator and problem solver
  • If you don’t get to a point where you “just start it”, it’s never going to happen

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Quotes by Amelia Freeman-Lynde

“I really do believe and hope that making things encourages a mindset shift in people where you kind of shift from thinking of yourself as a passive consumer to really a creator and a problem solver.”

“At a certain point you have to start. If you want to open a business, you can research as much as you want, you want to be certain level of prepared and ready, but at a certain point you just have to do it.”


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