200+ responses to Respect the Work (5 pages!)

Did you enjoy the Repect the Word podcast episode on Monday, and the infographic on Tuesday? Are you looking for more? Get inspired by 200+ responses from the July 8th gathering!

Download the complete set of Respect the Work responses.  

Here are just a few examples:

As an audience member, I respect the work by:

  • Sending good vibes
  • Giving notes at rehearsal
  • Introducing my daughter to the artists and asking them to tell her about their job
  • Thanking the artist
  • Telling others about events including via social media
  • Researching the artist online
  • Attending
  • Being influenced by their work
  • Offering to help
  • Supporting financially, emotionally, etc.
  • Applauding
  • Making space for others at the event
  • Reading (or not) reading reviews
  • Wearing their t-shirts
  • Paying artists
  • Telling others
  • Forwarding (or not) forwarding reviews
  • Showing up to the performance
  • Offering congratulations
  • Turning. Off. Cell. Phone.

As an artist, this is when I’ve felt my work was respected:

  • I’m taken seriously. This is not a hobby.I’m actually trying to make work as an artist.
  • When people express enthusiasm and excitement about the project
  • “I really like it when…”
  • “I’d like to talk to you about…”
  • Gratitude! When people express gratitude for my work and my effort — when people recognize the effort!
  • Curiosity! “How’s that going? What are you doing?”
  • Help! “How can I help?”
  • When the artists I work with want to work with me again
  • When people who don’t like my work come anyway, try to find something positive, or engage in conversation with me
  • Audience members understand or take into consideration the limitations on the work that I’m making — the time, energy, resources, obstacles that prevent me from making work that is equivalent to DPAC in it’s scale.
  • Audience members understand or take into consideration the goals and life of the piece (whether it’s a new work or in development or made with community or whatever)
  • I’m given honest, specific feedback (after I request it or after the post-show hangover).
  • No one complains about the ticket prices.
  • People come to see it
  • People bring a friend
  • Applause
  • Standing ovation
  • I receive a message after, or people wait to see me after
  • Friends publicly announce positive feedback on social media

Download the Respect the Work responses.

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