003: Writer John Jimerson takes on the Velveteen Rabbit

Are artist-parents like dragons in a cage? Why re-write a classic children’s book? What is it like to run a Kickstarter campaign? How do we become REAL? John Jimerson answers these questions and more while discussing his adaptation of the Velveteen Rabbit, a reboot of the classic book with modern text, magical illustrations and a contemporary feel. He also reads an excerpt from his Velveteen Rabbit (There’s a fairy and she sings!).**

John Jimerson, based in Raleigh, has a wide range of experience including theatre producer, actor, teacher, paralegal, and dad, and most recently, as reader, adaptor and champion of children’s books. John launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Velveteen Rabbit project, his new and inspirational adaptation of the classic book. See (and hear!) John reading children’s books on his website, Seriously Read a Book and YouTube channel

John’s Kickstarter Campaign ends on October 9, 2017. Don’t miss the opportunity to donate and get a copy of the book!

**This podcast contains one “damn” and a brief mention of murder. Just fyi.

Podcast recorded at Shadowbox Studio in Durham, NC.

John emailed some additional thoughts after we recorded. He gave permission to share them below. Lovely.
“From my perspective, the book says that we start becoming who we really are when we start believing that we’re both lovable and loved.  Often it takes someone besides ourselves to show us that it’s true, as opposed to just hearing the words.  Sometimes we need to be shown again and again. That’s certainly been true in my life.  But when I’ve known that I’m lovable and loved, there is a kind of freedom that happens.  I feel like I have less to prove, and that everything will be okay no matter what I do.  That helps me to do things that are scarier, and that are more authentically me.  It also helps me to be more willing to be honest, when it’s scary to be honest,  in relationship with others.
I also love that the rabbit is on the edge of becoming, of transforming, before the fairy gets to him.  He is a toy rabbit who sheds a real tear.  He’s almost there, but he just needs a nudge.  I’ve certainly walked through times when I needed a nudge, a little bit of affirmation, someone saying “it’s okay” before I was willing to head in a direction I knew I was being called to, but that scared me. “

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