002: [Quickie] Creativity tips, Artist Soapbox FAQ, Tamara goes solo!

The first solo podcast for Artist Soapbox!

Tamara Kissane takes her new Blue Yeti mic for a spin around her kitchen while discussing three takeaways from last episode’s conversation with Mara Thomas and answering FAQs about Artist Soapbox. This episode clocks in at a lean 16 minutes and is clean for kids’ ears.

Tamara Kissane is a podcaster, playwright, actor, workshop leader, collaborator, coach, and  mom. She’s based in Durham, North Carolina and blogs occasionally at tamarakissane.com. Her upcoming adaptation of THE MASTER BUILDER (after Ibsen) will be produced by Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern in January 2018; she will be acting in The Moors at Manbites Dog Theater in February 2018 and has recently co-written a children’s show titled SALLY’S RIDE: TO SPACE AND BEYOND as a part of Curious Theatre Collective.


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