You wanna FLY?

Inara shares her heart with Frater Luke. Aimee and Jem seek out two experts for assistance — the magical chanteuse Tina LeShay and the indescribable Dr. Ray Ignite. Aimee has a shocking memory.

Microwaves, family secrets, and the Potential of a Pancake converge in this zany dark comedy about a middle-aged woman reckoning with her power for the first time.

*Content Warning: Jesus Pancake is rated R for content. Episodes contain explicit language, lust and sexual situations, death, dysfunctional conversations, physical and mental illness, drinking, and generational trauma.*

Episode 7 features the acting talents of Tamara Kissane as Aimee Murphy, Lormarev Jones as Jem, Jessica Flemming as Inara Murphy, Julie Oliver as Maureen Murphy, Jack Reitz as Frater Luke, John Jimerson as Dr. Ray Ignite, Kyma Lassiter as Tina LeShay, and Juliana Finch as Mother.

Jesus Pancake is a production of Artist Soapbox and Soapbox Audio Collective with support from the Manbites Dog Theater Fund and Trailblazer Studios, and contributions from our IndieGoGo Campaign and Patreon.

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Jesus Pancake was written by Tamara Kissane, Juliana Finch, Katy Koop, and Mara Thomas, and directed by Aurelia Belfield.

Big thanks to the incredible team who made this audio production possible:

Executive Producers: Aurelia Belfield and Tamara Kissane

Sound design and editing by Aaron Fyler

Jesus Pancake Music composed and performed by Pennee Miles 

Tina LeShay’s Songs composed by Edith Snow and sung by Kyma Lassiter

The audio was recorded at Trailblazer Studios by our audio engineers Sam Elia and Aaron Fyler, and production manager Barbette Hunter with additional support from production assistant Kyma Lassiter. Additional post-production support from Rachel Klem.

Artist Soapbox on social media:

Twitter: @artist_soapbox

Instagram: @artistsoapbox


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