138: Writing and Producing Audio Drama Part One (Women’s Theatre Festival Con Workshop)

Part One of a two-part workshop on Writing and Producing Audio Drama from the Women’s Theatre Festival Conference in 2020. The 2 hour workshop was presented via Zoom by Aurelia Belfield and Tamara Kissane on July 29, 2020. 

(L-R) Aurelia Belfield & Tamara Kissane

Part One focuses on tips for writing audio dramas based on Tamara’s experience writing Master Builder and the New Colossus.

Part Two (dropping tomorrow!) will feature the wit and wisdom of Executive Producer Aurelia Belfield and will cover the producing aspect of making audio dramas including casting, production teams, rehearsal and recording, etc.

FYI: What you are about to hear is essentially raw footage scooped from Zoom. We cleaned it up a little by deleting big pauses and such, but it sounds exactly like it was – a live virtual workshop on Zoom during the pandemic.

Big thanks to Chelsea Russell for covering the tech during our live session and Johannah Maynard Edwards who gave us the ok to share this via Artist Soapbox. If you’d like to submit to the Women’s Theatre Festival and Conference 2021, submissions are open until April 16 More info on https://www.womenstheatrefestival.com 


Tamara Kissane, Founder & Executive Director of Artist Soapbox and Soapbox Audio Collective: Tamara Kissane is a Durham-based playwright, theatre-maker, parent, and podcaster for Artist Soapbox (www.artistsoapbox.org). In 2020, Tamara was the Piedmont Laureate and received Outstanding Contribution to the Arts from Chatham Life & Style. Recent audio drama projects: the Declaration of Love Anthology (2020), The New Colossus (2020), Master Builder (2019), and several serial audio pieces in development.

Aurelia Belfield, Music Supervisor & Executive Producer: Aurelia Belfield is a creative drawn to all mediums. She’s appeared as a performer on stage and screen, had her written work produced, has produced audio dramas like The New Colossus and The Declaration Of Love, and has served as music supervisor for several award winning films and television shows. 


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