Can I even do LIVE things anymore?

Welp. I guess I can!

Tamara looking happily manic with lovely host Keyanna Alexander on Theatre’s Not Dead.

That was me talking for an hour about writing — live on YouTube — and fueled by adrenaline and three cups of coffee! Wheee!

Did I add value to the conversation about writing during a pandemic? I dunno. But it was darn AMAZING to have a live chat with a real person in real time (remember when we got together and did that?) about how we strive to make work and make stories and make stories work. I was riffing, friends, and it was fun.

Big thanks to Keyanna Alexander for hosting so graciously on Theatre’s Not Dead yesterday.


And definitely listen to the episodes prior to mine. The guests are wonderful and wise.

Sending you all big writing vibes + love. Let me know what you think.

Hugs, Tamara

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