2020 Kudos for ASBX (What a treat!)


Happy New Year + Happy New President and Vice President!

Work is underway here in Artist Soapbox land, so stayed tuned for more info in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I wanted to circle back to some year-end treats that we received on December 30, 2020. (All the very sweeter for the wasteland-treat-desert of 2020.)

See the photo above?

I captured the image above during a livestream of the Chatham Life & Style awards for Best of Triangle Arts in 2020 because I am silly and I take photos of my laptop and television now (you should see all the photos I took of my TV on Inauguration Day!). The photo’s kinda blurry because my hands were shaking with delighted surprise.

What a wonderful and unexpected accolade!

All in all, Artist Soapbox received the following:


  • Outstanding Virtual Theatre Production
  • Outstanding Ensemble Performance*
  • Edith Snow as Irina: Outstanding Audio Performance
  • Outstanding Playwriting

*Ensemble Performance is always my favorite award to receive, so that one is extra special.


  • Lakeisha Coffey for Love is All I Know: Outstanding Audio Performance
  • Trevor Johnson for Always: Outstanding Audio Performance
  • Michael J. Ivory, Jr. for The Gifts We Leave: Outstanding Playwriting

Friends, thank you for supporting the work of Artist Soapbox. Without you, we wouldn’t be doing a darn thing. Thank you.

You can enjoy scrolling thru the entire list of artists and performers here: Chatham Life & Style Names the Best of Triangle Arts in 2020 and congratulate the people on it (also, hire them to do amazing work!). Artist Soapbox was in incredibly good company and we are humbled to be included.

The Chatham Life & Style awards ceremony was a welcome (and wonderfully normal-feeling!) end to 2020. And wow, it was incredible to hear recognition and celebration for the work that our community managed to produce in 2020. I’m grateful to the staff at Chatham Life & Style for making that happen. 

It was very affirming to have our teams on The New Colossus and the Declaration of Love anthology recognized. I’m deeply grateful for the people who helped me make these odd audio pieces, and it feels great knowing that others enjoyed the fruits of our labor.

And finally…

if you scroll to the bottom of the Chatham Life & Style list, you’ll see that I was named for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts. Honestly, I have no words to express my gratitude and utter shock. It was 100% unexpected.

Above, another embarrassing photo of my laptop taken by yours truly.

That’s my name, and I don’t know what to say, other than…

It is my mission to make good work for and with our community. Encouragement like this helps me hold tightly to that mission and keep contributing to our art-filled, abundantly creative little corner of the world.

Thank you + Happy New Year (again) + gratitude, sincerely,


P.S. I’m taking a break from the social media platforms in order to focus on other, deeper work. Occasionally, I’ll post info and updates about creative projects there, but otherwise I won’t be connected to those platforms. If you want to connect with me (I welcome connection!), please do so via artistsoapbox@gmail.com.

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