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If you don’t know Allison Kirkland, then I’d highly recommend getting to know her. Not only is she a great writing teacher, she also pulls together a wonderful monthly interview series called Creatives in Conversation featuring amazing local artists. Take a look!

I’m honored and grateful to be included this month as a “creative in conversation”! Big gratitude to Allison Kirkland for making the interview process easy and comfortable. Please click on the link below to read more, and don’t forget to subscribe to her newsletter while you’re there!

Tamara Kissane: Theatre-maker and Podcast Host

An excerpt from the interview:

Allison: How do all your different art forms intersect or interact?

Tamara: Certainly story is a big part of it. I heard someone say that stories are the currency of human experience. We trade in stories and we are always looking for patterns and ways to make meaning. So as humans we do have an attachment to story, but also artists have the honor of sharing stories with the world. 

Even artists who don’t work with traditional narrative structures, their work still provokes story engagement from their audience. They are the artists who are poking stories with sticks and seeing what happens. 

My work [also] focuses around … this idea that we’re not alone. [Artist Soapbox] is often about how artists have questions in common with each other. I’m sure you’ve seen this in your interview series as well. We’re all dealing with the same things, and we don’t want to feel alone in something that’s really isolating.

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