Master Builder audio drama: Act One

MASTER BUILDER  is a two part audio drama for adults. It contains salty language, adult situations, and quirkiness suitable for grown-up ears. 

Running a total of 94 minutes and divided in two acts, MASTER BUILDER tells the story of the rise and fall of Helen ‘Sully’ Sullivan, an intensely passionate and ambitious architect who designs outrageous homes for the very rich. 

This audio drama was adapted from Tamara Kissane’s 2018 stage play produced by Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern and inspired by Henrick Ibsen’s classic, The Master Builder published in 1892. 

The Master Builder Audio Drama was written, directed and produced by Tamara Kissane. 

  • Sound design: Edith Snow
  • Original music: Pennee Miles
  • Audio engineer: Alex Maness
  • Production assistants: Amanda Hahn and Kaley Morrison

The audio was recorded at Shadowbox Studio, Durham, NC.

Cast (in order of appearance): 

  • CLOCK VOICE: Edith Snow.
  • JOAN: Susannah Hough
  • SULLY: Dana Marks
  • AUDIENCE MEMBERS: Erin Bell, Amanda Hahn, Alex Maness and Kaley Morrison
  • KAYA: Maxine Eloi
  • BRENDAN: Dale Wolf
  • DOC: Rebecca Bossen
  • LIONEL: Thaddaeus Edwards
  • HILDY: Vincent Bland, Jr.

Graphic design by Kaley Morrison and photos by Erin Bell of Bull City Photography. 

The MASTER BUILDER audio drama is production of Artist Soapbox and Soapbox Audio Collective with support from the patrons of Artist Soapbox, the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, Timothy McMackin, and the Women’s Theatre Festival. 

This production is dedicated to the memory of Julie Rhodes. Julie was a great lover and patron of music, art, and performance in the Triangle area and she loved spreading the word about her favorites.

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