Talking audio drama on RDU on Stage!

So grateful to be featured on the RDU on Stage podcast this week!

It’s my first time as a guest on someone else’s podcast, and wow, what a great learning experience to be on the ‘other side of the mic.’ Big gratitude to Lauren Van Hemert for making the whole process so easy and comfortable. Please click on the link below to listen, and don’t forget to subscribe to RDU on Stage while you’re there!

Ep. 25: The Comeback of the Audio Drama with Tamara Kissane

“The 1930s and 1940s were the Golden Age of Radio. Today’s watch parties were yesterday’s listening parties, as families would gather round the radio to hear their favorite serial, variety show, or drama. In fact, at the time BBC was producing twice as many plays for the radio as London’s West End, and the notable radio playwrights of the time included Caryl Churchill, Tom Stoppard, and Harold Pinter. But with the advent of television, shows like these lost their audience. That is until now. Streaming media presents new opportunities for artists to share their stories. And that is what my guest Tamara Kissane and I are talking about today. Tamara is a theater-maker and host of the Artist Soapbox podcast. She is working on her first audio drama, Master Builder, which will premiere at the Women’s Theater Festival next month. Hear what she has to say about challenging the way traditional theater is made and the comeback of the audio play.”

Because I’m a total newbie as a guest, I neglected to shout-out by name the wonderful team of artists working on MASTER BUILDER.

Big enormous gratitude to:

  • Edith Snow, sound designer
  • Pennee Miles, composers of original music
  • Alex Maness, audio engineer at Shadowbox Studio
  • Amanda Hahn, production assistant
  • Kaley Morrison, graphic design and production assistance
  • Erin Bell, photography
  • The Cast: Erin Bell, Vincent Bland, Jr., Rebecca Bossen, Thaddaeus Edwards, Maxine Eloi, Amanda Hahn, Susannah Hough, Alex Maness, Dana Marks, Kaley Morrison, Edith Snow, Dale Wolf

A little slideshow below. A few of the many photos from our recording days at Shadowbox Studio. Courtesy of Erin Bell at Bull City Photography.

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