078: Creating shared arts experiences. The magic of Seed Art Share with Founder and Creative Director Renee Wimberley.

Seed Art Share focuses on site-specific, immersive plays, arts-integration classes, and supporting parents working in the arts. In this episode, Renee Wimberley, the Founder and Creative Director of Seed Art Share, outlines the out-of-the-box ways that Seed supports parents working in the theatre, and the many partnerships between Seed and other organizations including theatre companies, nonprofits, government, and business. We discuss the wide range of site-specific and custom work produced by Seed, including the exhilaration, the complications, and the acting style required by these immersive performances. You’ll hear about rat pinatas, parades, vomit, the Doppler, fairies, dead Macduffs, a flying fork, and more!

Renee Wimberley, Creative Director and Founder of Seed Art Share

Renee Wimberley is a local actor, director, producer and teaching artist specializing in arts integration.  A Triangle native, she holds a BA in Theatre Arts Education from UNCG and can be found regularly sharing stories at Seed Art Share, Applause! Cary Youth Theatre, Christy’s Dance Explosion, and in various creative workshops for homeschoolers and community organizations.  As the Founder and Creative Director of Seed Art Share, she is also passionate about supporting parents in the arts and exploring community spaces through site-specific productions.

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This episode was recorded at Shadowbox Studio. Artist Soapbox theme music by Bart Matthews. Additional audio editing by Merrybelle Park Productions..

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Questions FOR RENEE


Why did you start Seed Art Share?

What’s behind the name of the company? (This will give us the opportunity to talk about the ‘Share’ concept)


“Seed focuses on site-specific,  immersive plays, arts-integration classes, and supporting parents working in the arts.”

Let’s discuss each of these elements. Why did you decide to make them a priority in SAS and what does that actually look  like for the company?


Given the breadth of work that you do, how do you ‘plan’ a season…or do you? (A great opportunity to talk about the custom pieces that you create and how you respond to inquiries from the community/businesses — most companies aren’t as nimble in this way and don’t prioritize these opportunities)


What’s coming up for Seed? Where do you hope the company goes next?

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