047: Theatre education programming with Burning Coal’s Director of Education, Kaley Morrison

Kaley Morrison, actor and Director of Education at Burning Coal Theatre in Raleigh talks about Burning Coal’s educational programming for kids and adults, what she’s learned from teaching acting, and the power of relationships in an educational context.

Also, Tamara answers the 1st ASK THE SOAPBOX question submitted by a listener.

Kaley Morrison is an actor and Director of Education at Burning Coal Theatre in Raleigh. She grew up in Fayetteville, NC, got a degree in Theatre from Campbell University and now lives in Durham and does shows in and around the Triangle.

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Time break-down:

[0:00] Episode intro, Kaley’s bio. And the announcement of ASK THE SOAPBOX!

[1:57] What is the education programming that Burning Coal provides? Opportunities for kids and adults! What is the scope of Kaley’s position as Director of Education?

[4:25] How has Kaley’s first year been? What are her plans for her second year? Growing participation, not necessary programming

[9:50] How do you increase participation? Building relationships with teachers in the area; supplementing what they are already doing

[11:44] What are the Burning Coal offerings that supplement what teachers are doing? School tours of productions, customizable artist in residence programs on multiple topics, production assistance

[15:21] Why does Burning Coal have an Education Department and programming? How could they not — it’s part of the heart of the company. Kaley talks about her gratitude for theatre in her life and desire to give back.

[18:10] KidsWrite! Five student-written plays selected by a Burning Coal committee and performed by adult actors. Playwrights receive written feedback and a post-show talk-back in addition to the production. For grades 6-12. Check dates for 2019; this year deadline was March 1 for a May production. Kaley was blown away for the the students’ maturity and talent!

[24:23] How is Kaley balancing her own creative output with the demands of her job? Still trying to find the balance, but this has been a great opportunity to learn again through her own teaching.

[31:38] Kaley loves teaching How to Audition (and she’s good at giving constructive feedback!). Is there feedback that she often gives to students? Yes, trust your instinct when it comes to movement and stop moving your feet. 🙂

[35:36] How does Kaley define herself this moment – actor, director or educator? “My calling is to help people”

[38:06] Examples of meaningful interactions with students. Stories of teachers who care and how important that is. “What’s on the lesson plan isn’t always the most important thing in the room.”

[43:02] Thanks, Kaley.

[43:23] DEAR SOAPBOX! Tamara answers a question from a listener, Calendar Crazed. Submit your question and get it answered on the Soapbox.

[48:53] Thanks and sign-off

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