041: How do we evolve as artists? Director, performer, writer Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths extends her voice into multiple genres

Amazing original poetry pieces performed by Naima Ince-Griffiths open and close this episode! Naima Yetunde Ince-Griffiths is a performance poet, writer, and playwright; she produces and directs theatrical works and is the founder of NYI Productions. We talk about the evolution of her piece MEN ALWAYS LEAVE first written by Naima as a poem which she adapted into a play, then adapted into a soap opera series, and most recently into an accompanying soundtrack. Naima talks about her experience as a performance poet, her hopes and plans for NYI productions, the value of collaborators and more. 

Mark your calendars, Naima’s play MEN ALWAYS LEAVE will be playing Feb 1-3, 2019 at Cary Theatre produced by the Cary Players.  Buy tickets! 

Originally from Brooklyn NY, a recent resident, of Raleigh North Carolina, Naima has a Bachelors of Arts in Drama Studies from SUNY Purchase College and a Masters of Professional Studies in Arts and Cultural Management from Pratt Institute. Her books can be found at the local So & So Bookstore on Person Street in Raleigh

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Time break-down:

[0:00] Episode intro and Naima’s bio.

[2:10] Naima opens the conversation by reading an original poetry piece, Woman, who are you? from her book GHOST LOAD.


[4:05] How did Naima find her voice as a writer? Painting words. Writing about being a woman, their strength and value. Her next book!


[13:06] What happens when poetry is performed ‘off the page’? Why is it important to perform poetry? Why did Naima retain the poetry when she adapted Men Always Leave from a poem to a play how did she adapt a poem into a play? Giving the audience a 3D experience with the characters. “This is my music.”


[20:23] Men Always Leave will have it’s second NC production in Cary, NC in February 2019. How will this production be different from the NC premiere in 2016?

[27:24] Naima is getting so much artistic mileage from Men Always Leave. How does she know when it’s time to evolve the piece? Does she see a time when she’ll say, “This is far as I can take this?”

[28:42] A theme in Men Always Leave: protecting our hearts and the hearts of our children in relationship.


[31:04] The ‘art fusion event’ and book signing to promote NYI productions

[34:00] The mission and beginning of N.Y.I. Productions: Encourage, illuminate, entertain. educate.

[40:28] What is the drive that takes Naima from idea to action?

[43:07] What’s next? Cry, pray, put on lipstick. A soundtrack for Men Always Leave (and a music video!). Book tour. Adding collaborators.

[57:10] Thanks and sign-off

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