Bonus episode 001: A Young Artist in the Triangle shares her poems Life and I am Different

A special bonus episode featuring our first Young Artist! I’ve been thinking for awhile about how to feature kid artists in the Triangle. An opportunity spontaneously presented itself the other day when a podcast guest needed to cancel at the last minute. So, on the spot I interviewed this young friend instead.

This is a quick 15 minute episode, barely edited in order to preserve the thoughtful cadence of this young guest’s voice. She reads the two poems she wrote right before we recorded (apparently, no writer’s block here!). You’ll see her poems below. We also touch on the book The Toothpaste Millionaire by Jean Merrill, creative make-believe games, turning into a double digit, division, and arctic foxes.

I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed the conversation. It’s a joy to witness the creative thinking that seems to come more naturally to kids than to adults. It’s refreshing and inspiring to be with them in their unselfconscious authenticity. Ultimately this conversation is a reminder that even at this young age, we all want to be heard.

Love and hugs. Enjoy.

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Life is a miracle.

If a baby is born, happiness is born

And poured into this harmful world.

When that baby has a baby Love comes to life.

But sometime Love will perish when a

Soul is ripped from the world.

Life is a miracle.


I am Different

I am Different like everyone else.

Like how Sally loves to swim.

Or how Jake sometimes fakes.

And how I love me.


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