013: Music Supervisor and Voice Over Casting Director Aurelia Belfield breaks down A&E and aspirational art

Kicking off 2018! Here’s Aurelia Belfield, Music and Casting Supervisor and Sound Coordinator, with Trailblazer Studios in Raleigh. Learn about Aurelia’s super cool work in the entertainment industry and her passion for accessibility, representation, and aspirational art for all communities. She also generously shares tips for Triangle-area artists who’d like to pursue voice-over work. Would you like to do that?

Aurelia Belfield has lived all over the country but has made NC her home. A UNC grad, she has found success in the entertainment industry as a music supervisor and voice over casting director, she’s also passionate about making high quality art accessible to every community and making art that is reflective not only of the diverse communities we already live in but also the communities we want to see.

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Time break down:

[0:00] Happy New Year! Episode intro and Aurelia’s bio

[1:20] Tamara reads a description of Trailblazer Studios and Aurelia Belfield’s responsibilities and then asks what all of that means!

[2:10] THE WORK: Aurelia breaks down her job responsibilities and why her job exists

[6:45] Examples of fulfilling projects

[8:38] Aurelia, how did you get into this work?

[12:00] THE CLIENTS: How to talk to clients and work with them to meet their needs

[19:05] What can non-profits learn from for-profit organizations like Trailblazer?

[27:50] What is the career path for a voice-over casting director and music supervisor? Is there time for other creative projects?

[33:39] TIPS: Aurelia makes suggestions for Triangle-peeps interested in voice over work.

[38:34] COMMUNITY: Why is community building important to Aurelia? “I want to see on stage what I want to see in my neighborhood.” “Art is that gateway to understand — This is a person. This is a person who has feelings. I relate to the person because I relate to this story.” Empowering artists to create communities that we want to see. The power of Intention! Color-blind vs. color-conscious casting.

[50:33] An example of a theatre piece that was powerful for the artists involved and the community who witnessed it — Chaunesti Webb’s I LOVE MY HAIR WHEN IT’S GOOD: & THEN AGAIN WHEN IT LOOKS DEFIANT AND IMPRESSIVE. Why did this piece touch people the way it did?

[57:20] Thanks and sign-off

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