009: Actor Jessica Flemming rides the waves of overlapping projects and deep reflection

How do we measure individual growth and advancement as theatre artists? Can we contribute to a local theatre scene? What life lessons are learned thru improvisation?  Enjoy this wide-ranging conversation with Jessica Flemming, as we touch on those questions, explore the balance of overlapping projects, and get the scoop on LAKE PLACID, an improvised play with music set in NY during the 1980 Winter Olympics. 

Jessica Flemming is an actor, singer, and occasional stage manager and theatre educator. She has been performing and working in the triangle since relocating from Flint, Michigan five years ago. She’s worked with Manbites Dog Theatre, Black Ops, and Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern as well as many fantastic musicians and performing artists on a variety of projects. You may have just seen Jessica on-stage at Manbites Dog Theater as Ella in LIFE SUCKS, and she’ll be performing next in LAKE PLACID, an improvised play with music which runs November 24 – December 9 at The Fruit in Durham.

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Some of the companies Jessica has worked with:

Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern

Manbites Dog Theater Company

Curious Theatre Collective

Archipelago Theatre

Aggregate Theatre Company

Black Ops Theatre Company


Yay for local improv:

Transactors Improv

Third Date Improv

The podcast was recorded at the ASBX home studio.

Time break-down:

[0:00] Intro and Jessica Flemming’s bio

[1:06] Overview of Jessica’s busy 2017: projects, overlapping schedules, self-care, quitting her day job

[5:12] Once you quit your day job, did you approach your art-work differently?

[7:20] Lake Placid, an improvised play with music: description, how was this rehearsed?, music component, rules and structure for this piece

[16:59] Sharing the stage, building an ensemble, and the life lessons of improv

[20:34] Jessica’s email to Tamara prior to recording ASBX

[21:44] Digging into Jessica’s email 1: Considering advancement and growth as a theatre artist, how we perceive ourselves and others perceive us, dream roles, how to choose projects

[32:34] Digging into Jessica’s email 2: Being a productive member of the theatre artist community, the shifting landscape of the local theatre scene, how to contribute, successful theatre in non-traditional spaces

[40:00} What’s next for Jessica?

[41:19] Sign-off


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