ASBX Shorts

ASBX Shorts are six short audio fiction pieces created and produced by North Carolina artists. Artist Soapbox Shorts were specifically contributed by the artists to aid in fundraising and to get everyone excited about Jesus Pancake, our new audio fiction series in development.

Transcripts of each short are available on the individual pages.

Gabriel’s Last Ride: ASBX Shorts Episode 1: We’re never at our best when we’re hungry. But when Gabriel adds a late night rave, a drunken bicycle ride, and the heat of a Florida night, he finds the siren song of Taco Bell is impossible to resist. Inspired by a true story, this Florida crime fan fiction will make you reflect on just how far you’d go to satisfy a craving.

Guess What Happened To Me Last Night: ASBX Shorts Episode 2: Adapted from the short story “When the World Rushes In,” this scene finds ex-best friends, Val and Bonnie, unexpectedly reconnecting on a walk home in the summer of 1987. These thirteen-year-old girls navigate their way through an emotional and confusing conversation about Bonnie losing her virginity. The dialogue is both a barrier and an olive branch for the two, who share the experience of growing up inside a gated residential community in the rural south.

Jasmine: ASBX Shorts Episode 3: It only takes three minutes for a relationship to end. A suitcase. A cup of tea. Jasmine.

Gallery: ASBX Shorts Episode 4: Two people on a first date contemplate “what is art?”

The Protagora (Or, the First Gathering): ASBX Shorts Episode 5: At the end of an age, a tale as old as time gets some corrections. “In the name of the…..?”

SHOW ME: ASBX Shorts Episode 6: Rural West Texas, August of 1966. A skeptically hopeful fifteen-year-old returns home from church camp determined to uncover definitive proof of the existence of angels. The outcome of her act of faith yields lasting ramifications.