Dangerous: Declaration of Love Episode 7

The Declaration of Love Project is an anthology of 11 short audio pieces written by North Carolina playwrights all inspired by the same writing prompt — “declaration of love.”

Episode 7, written by Katy Koop is titled Dangerous.

Dangerous is a queer love story told in letters and fairytales, inspired by the letters of Hans Christian Andersen and Edvard Collin, as well as Andersen’s original ‘The Little Mermaid’. 

Content Warning: violence, death, murder ~ general dark themes

Declaration of Love is an Artist Soapbox production, co-produced by Aurelia Belfield and Tamara Kissane, and sound designed by David Hill.

Dangerous was written by Katy Koop

Directed by Tamara Kissane

Performed by: Emily Levinstone (E) and Natalie Sherwood (H).

Transcript of Dangerous

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Katy Koop (Playwright, Dangerous): Katy  is a writer and theatre artist based in Raleigh, NC. Her plays have been produced in part and in whole in New York City, Minneapolis, and Raleigh. Her cultural criticism and personal essays have been published in Indy Week, Electric Literature, Hello Giggles, Femsplain, and more. She most recently worked as a writer on Artist’s Soapbox’s Jesus Pancake. You can find her on twitter at @katykooped and more information at katykoop.com.

Emily Levinstone (Actor, Dangerous): Emily is a Durham-based actor and musician. She graduated from Duke in 2017 with a degree in Music (classical vocal performance) and Theater Studies. Favorite credits include Parallel Lives with the Women’s Theatre Festival, Serial with Sonorous Road, and Mr. Burns, a post-electric play with Manbites Dog. Emily plays E in Dangerous.

Natalie Sherwood (They/She, Actor, Dangerous):  Natalie is a 2019 graduate of Atlantic Acting School’s Summer Intensive in NYC, as well as NC State University, where they earned a theatre minor and frequented University Theatre’s stages. Their most notable University Theatre roles include Sunny in The Exonerated, Meg in Leading Ladies, Yente in Fiddler on the Roof, and Antigone in The Burial at Thebes.  Most recently, they co-starred in BARE Theater’s Marat/Sade as Jean-Paul Marat–stay tuned for the show’s relaunch in 2021!  Natalie plays H in Dangerous.


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