123: Inspiration, dedication, and production with playwright Mark Cornell

Mark Cornell is a playwright, director, and filmmaker.  He has had more than 85 of his plays produced in theatres around the world. 

In this episode, Mark talks about his writing process for stage and film, where he finds his inspiration, and tips to keep writing. About halfway thru the interview, we dig into a topic that I don’t think I’ve covered on the podcast before — the experience of having one’s work produced by a theatre company — sometimes the playwright is included in that experience and sometimes… not so much. I found this conversation inspiring and I hope you do too.

Mark Cornell

Most recently, Mark Cornell‘s AACT NewPlayFest award-winning play On Pine Knoll Street premiered at The Sauk in Michigan.  He is currently shooting the feature film The Invite, which he wrote and directs.  He is an ensemble member with Moonlight Stage Company in Raleigh, partner with Paul Newell with Full Nelson Theater, and co-creator of Marked Men Films with Mark Jantzen.  He has an MFA in playwriting from UCLA.


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