017: Playwright Tamara Kissane remodels MASTER BUILDER (interviewed by Mara Thomas!)

That’s right, Soapboxers. We’ve turned the tables! Mara Thomas interviews Tamara Kissane about the upcoming world premiere of Tamara’s adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s THE MASTER BUILDER, ambition, aspirations, and loving unlikeable characters.

Tamara Kissane is a Durham-based playwright, actor, creative coach, and  mom, and she is the host of the Artist Soapbox podcast. Tamara’s upcoming adaptation of THE MASTER BUILDER (after Ibsen), produced by Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern, opens January 18. She’ll be acting in The Moors at Manbites Dog Theater in February 2018 and has recently co-written a children’s show titled SALLY’S RIDE: TO SPACE AND BEYOND as a part of Curious Theatre Collective.

Master Builder is showing January 18 – February 3 at Mystery Brewery (437 Dimmock’s Mill Rd, Hillsborough). GET TICKETS!

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Time break-down:

[0:00] Episode intro and Tamara bio

[0:58] Tamara, how do you approach adapting a classic play like Ibsen’s THE MASTER BUILDER or Chekhov’s THE SEAGULL?

[6:00] Why did you choose THE MASTER BUILDER, specifically, to adapt?

[8:36] Gender swapping and ambition: Is this play about ambition?

[14:17] Writing ‘unlikeable’ characters

[18:46] Making MASTER BUILDER contemporary: the opening scene is a talk show!

[21:51] The relationship between the characters Hildy and Sully? What’s that deal with Hildy’s wings?

[24:54] Finding your voice as a playwright

[29:25] “Please cast a diverse group of actors…”

[31:50] Writing vs. Acting

[35:40] Aspirations for ASBX

[40:20] Creative Coaching

[42:15] What’s next?

[44:14] Thank you and sign-off

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